Salon Enigma is a full service hair salon specialised in treatments, hair does, coloring and curly cuts for  naturally curly hair. 

All of the products and are Curly Girl approved. 

We also sell CG- Approved products for example the Finnish brand Sumilayi and also other amazing brands like Ecoslay, Innersense, Pretty Curly Girl and much more!

Welcome to Salon Enigma!

Salon Enigma´s CG- Approved online store you will find here:

Blond Wavy Hair


Meditating on Beach
Natural Curls Cuts

Short hair thin 79
Short hair thick 85

Medium long fine hair 83
Medium long medium-thick hair 92
Medium long thick hair 102

Long fine hair 88
Long medium-thick hair 100
Long thick hair 110

Extra long thin hair 105
Extra long medium-thick hair 115
Extra long thick hair 125

Curly Girl Transformation
Inc. Curly cut, special styling, treatment, videos & info for e-mail, pictures 150

Reusable Shopping Bag
Highlights & Multi colouring

Highlights + curly cut Thin hair
155/ 160/ 170/ 180
Highlights + curly cut Thick hair
170/ 185/ 205 /230
Part Highlights + curly cut Thin hair
Part Highlights + curly cut Thick hair
Multiple colour + curly cut Thin hair
175/ 180/ 190/ 210
Multiple colour + curly cut Thick hair
190/ 200/ 220/ 250

Extra thickness or lenght 25

Happy Portrait

Root-colour 1-4cm + curly cut Thin hair

Root colour 1-4cm + cut Thick hair
140/ 150/ 160/ 170

Colour + curly cut Thin hair
145/ 150/ 155/ 160
Colour + curly cut Thick hai
150/ 170/ 190/ 200

Extra thickness or lenght 25


Eyebrow Plucking
Lashes / Eye brows / Make - up

Lash colouring 22
Brow colouring and styling 18
Brow + lash colouring and styling 32
Occasion Make-up 80
Wedding Make-up 90

Bridal Hairstyle
Hair does / permanent

Occasion hair do 80

Wedding hair 120

Test hair do 42

Quick hair do 45

Permanent 140/165/180/200

Curly hair wash and style 65

Total Curly Girl Transformation
Curly cut, wash, special styling, treatment, videos & info for e-mail, pictures 150

Male Haircut
Barber, Cuts and Treatments

Barber cut 37
Machine shave 25
Children's cut 1-6 y 30
New bangs 20
Olaplex treatment 40/ 47/ 55/ 60
Curly hair wash & styling 65




Gallery by Anamari



Tilkankatu 2 00300 Helsinki
Viipurinkatu 9 00510 Helsinki





Online Shop: https://www.curlygirlsshop.fi


Anamari: @salonenigma.anamari
Jaana: @salonenigma.jaana
Susanna: @salonenigma.suski

Facebook: Salon Enigma

Tilkankatu 2,


Tram 10 comes just nearby and there is 24h parking lot in Kytösuontie and 2h small free street parking in font of the Salon.

Viipurinkatu 9,

It´s just nearby Linnanmäki.

Tram 3 comes nearby and there is a lot of street parking space (payes) and very big Linnanmäki parking lot.

Anamari´s appointments are both Viipurinkatu and Tilkankatu.

Susanna is mainly at Viipurinkatu and Jaana at Tilkankatu.

If you want service for Spanish- Anamari speaks Spanish, English & Finnish.

If you have questions, feedback, or you just want to say hey please leave your message below and we'll get back to you. 

Check out Frequently Asked Questions below before messaging 😘

Viestisi on lähetetty! Vastaamme mahdollisimman pian

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Frequently asked

Is it ok to have product in my hair when I come in for a Deva Cut? 
Yes, it's fine to have product in your hair.

Does the Deva Cut include a lot of layers?
The cut will be done according to the customer's wishes after consulting.

Can I get advice for my curly hair?
Of course! You'll also receive an information package via email after the cut.

Can I get products that suit my hair from the salon?
Absolutely you can!

Is it ok if my hair is dirty before my cut?
Yes it's totally fine.

Do you do plant coloring or clay lightening?
Sorry, we don´t. We use normal colors and lightening products but we can use very gentle mixing.

I don't see any availability on Timma. Are you still working and are there any times?

Book your time for a Curly cut now!
Anamari got available appointments for September! She speaks Finnish, Spanish and English fluently!

First you can choose the location and then check available times.

However, Timma is always updated and if you scroll further you will find the next available time. Susanna is fully booked and won't take new customers.
Jaana have 3 months line.


How long do I have to wait for a time?

Right now you will find available times for Anamari for August and September!

Do you often get cancellations?
We do get cancellations, but they are extremely rare.

Do you have a wait list for cancellations?
Yes, you can get on the wait list by emailing: salonenigmahelsinki@gmail.com

How can I get in touch?
You can email or send a dm through social media.
Anamari: 041-7582465

Can I buy Curly Girl Approved products from you?
Yes ofcourse! Welcome to shop at:

Tilkankatu 2, 00300 Helsinki and also:
Viipurinkatu 9, 00510 Helsinki

And also online store: https://www.curlygirlsshop.fi